A permissionless, fully decentralized platform for token sales and swaps, Uplift offers vast opportunities to incubate, launch, and accelerate the projects operating in DeFi.
There is a disruptive opportunity in the market for a launchpad platform and crowdfunding community that combines the mindset of long-term backing with the power of a large global community of real backers. Uplift is that solution.
Uplift launchpad, which is backed by the LIFT utility token, is positioned to become a leading platform for disruptive projects and retail investors to come together.
Opening up prospects for long-term gains, the Uplift platform provides possibilities to become fully immersed in the project life-cycle — from its inception until the highest-level goals are achieved. The UpLift community has set out to foster sustainable growth of the projects incubated on the platform and seek long-term investment opportunities.
Why Uplift is an attractive launchpad for emerging projects:
  • The community has a long-term mindset, committed to holding the project tokens and not selling them too quickly in the open market
  • Council members, and the community, are committed to 3 phases with each project: incubate the pre-launch momentum, facilitate the official launch, and accelerate the post-launch growth
  • Community is more than just financial contributors, they understand how to promote and bring exposure to projects in the open market
  • The community spans over 80 countries, creating global exposure for each project we back
  • Cross-chain platform able to support projects tokens on any platform