The projects launched on the platform gain immediate exposure to venture capital and business infrastructure

Uplift platform introduces an array of business opportunities for projects to facilitate their long-term success with a variety of services:

Community Exposure

Projects gain community recognition through social media posts as well as articles featuring the project's core value proposition.

Community Contests

Social media contests are launched to incentivize community members to promote the projects by commenting/retweeting/quoting social media posts featuring the core project details. Participants drawing the most likes/upvotes receive rewards in the form of LIFT tokens and allocation in the project's IDO.

Community Missions

Community missions are launched with the aim to incentivize the participants to perform an action or a series of actions (e.g. to download the app and claim free tokens, or buy an NFT). Successful completion of the said missions grants rewards in the form of LIFT tokens.

Influencer Connections

Instant market recognition can be attained through lots of multi-channel exposure. A team of recognized KOLs with a loyal community following is operating on the platform, looking to promote the up-and-coming IDOs of the projects nurtured on Uplift.

PR Connections

Custom PR campaigns are launched to promote the projects by generating the best crypto-related media coverage.

Technical Consultancy

A team of qualified tech experts provides software architecture overview, technical consultancy, as well as conducts comprehensive technical due diligence.

Legal Consultancy

Our integrated team of crypto asset lawyers provide legal support and consultancy on the variety of complex legal issues permeating the crypto market.

Security Audit

Uplift’s auditing partners conduct a review of the underlying code of smart contracts in order to identify security vulnerabilities.

Exchange Listings

We provide expert assistance with listing your digital assets on a variety of exchanges.

Market Making

Uplift resolves a series of complex issues, such as lack of liquidity and low trading volume by exposing the projects to its market-making partners.

Tokenomics Consulting and Development

A team of researchers builds token price valuation and forecast models based on the token distribution and fundraising specifics of the project.

Whitepaper Creation

Whitepapers are produced by joint efforts of research scientists and business professionals so as to showcase your product in a clear and compelling way.

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