Uplift General

Questions here relate to broader aspects of Uplift, including its governance and future plans.

What is Uplift’s mission and vision?

Uplift launchpad, which is backed by the LIFT utility token, is positioned to become a leading platform for disruptive projects and retail investors to come together.

Opening up prospects for long-term gains, the Uplift platform provides possibilities to become fully immersed in the project life-cycle — from its inception until the highest-level goals are achieved. The Uplift community has set out to foster sustainable growth of the projects incubated on the platform and seek long-term investment opportunities.

How is Uplift different from other launchpads?

We use our deep industry expertise, community-building knowledge and marketing experience to hand-pick revolutionary projects and establish long-term work relationships.

On the other hand, the Uplift team has been actively engaged and building community by setting the highest industry standard for user experience, bringing new knowledge and partnership to the Launchpad platform.

What network is Uplift on?

Uplift works on the BSC network.

Is Uplift generally cross-chain compatible?

Yes, Uplift has the ability to launch projects on any network so it is essential to pay attention to the network of the project that you invest in. Remember that a network can also have an impact on project performance and the cost of the usage of project services regarding network commissions.

Where should I send my proposal to work with Uplift?

We have two forms on our landing page. One for Key objective leaders (KOL) and another for projects which want to raise money for his project with Uplift.

KOL form you can find - here.

IDO application for the projects - here.

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