This section addresses questions related to the staking process and rules on the Uplift platform.

Where and how do I purchase LIFT?

LIFT can be purchased on Pancakeswap. Detailed tutorial on how to make a purchase you can find here.

Where can I see my tokens?

If you staked LIFTs you can see staked LIFT amount on Stake and Unstake pages.

How do I stake my tokens?

Visit the Staking page, choose the best staking conditions for you, approve transferring of your tokens to our staking contract, and stake it. The detailed instruction here.

How do I unstake my tokens?

Go to Unstake page and press the button “Unlock” on necessary staking.

How long do we have to wait to get our staking power to be able to join the IDO or Seed Sale?

Staking power generation takes 2 hours for now. We recommend you check our social media before investments to always know the last participation conditions.

Do you have to be compulsorily staking LIFT to become a member of the DAO, or is holding it enough?

Your voting power depends upon the amount of Staking Power generated from locking your LIFT in a staking contract.

Once I lock in tokens for a certain period, can I unstake them before reaching maturity?

Yes, you can unstake your tokens, but pay a commission for early withdrawal. A 5% staking fee is applied to the user's stake (but not to the rewards) when a user exists before the due time.

Does staking $100 worth of LIFT tokens automatically make you a DAO member, or is there a certain amount required to become a DAO member?

Any amount of staked LIFT makes you a DAO member. The amount of staked LIFTs only impacts the weight of the vote.

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