How to use TRON -> Binance Smart Chain Bridge

We have enabled a one-way cross-chain LIFT token transfer from TRON network to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our long-term goal is to fully migrate to the BSC, as it facilitates wider access to projects seeking opportunities for collaboration, as well as offers lower transaction fees.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Connect your TronLink Wallet

  2. Input the amount of tokens you wish to transfer from TRON network to BSC

  3. Enter the recipient’s BSC address

  4. Make sure to verify your BSC address and execute the transaction on TRON. When depositing the funds, do not forget to double-check the BSC address you have entered so as to avoid the address typo.

  5. Connect your Metamask Wallet

  6. Claim the LIFT tokens on BSC using the corresponding recipient's address

We are planning to implement multiple bridges between a number of other blockchain networks which would allow us to conduct crowdfunding for projects running on various blockchain platforms, presenting an opportunity for a cross-chain token allocation. This will also allow us to onboard multiple communities from those blockchain networks, making Uplift DAO larger and more diverse.

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