Referrals and Rewards

This section deals with queries related to the referral program of Uplift.

What are the rewards for referring people?

As a referrer, you will receive:

  • Booster on your staking percentages. Learn more about booster.

  • Percentages from your referrals IDO purchases. More info here.

  • Part of the commission for early unstake of your referral. Additional details on the page.

Your referral receives 1% booster on his staking.

Regarding the referral program, can I get the 20% reward multiple times after referring four people, or is it a one-time reward?

5% is the maximum from the referral. It can be more than 4 people if everyone from them brings less than a maximum 5% booster for you.

Where and when can I claim my rewards?

Booster on staking will affect the staking profit, and you will receive this money when you unstake LIFTs.

IDO rewards can be claimed on the IDO page. IDO rewards will be distributed after the IDO.

Early unstake commissions are airdropped to your wallet at the moment of referral unstake.

Do all IDOs have to distribute commissions?

All IDO in which your referrals participate brings referral rewards.

Where do I see my rewards?

All info about rewards is available on the Referral page.

What is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) you receive when you stake LIFT?

At the moment of writing these answers, the rate is 36.46%

Is the APR of staking LIFT fixed?

No, the percentage can be different. APR depends on the amount of staked LIFTs. The more people stake the less APR staking has. The winner who stakes as early as he can.

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