How to participate in an IDO

This step-by-step instruction shorts your time for an IDO participation.

1. Set up your wallet

Already have a MetaMask, Wallet Connect or Coinbase wallet? Skip this step!

OR if you have a TRON wallet click here for a guide on How To Migrate​

Firstly, you will need to set up a MetaMask, Wallet Connect or Coinbase Wallet. Let`s have a look how to install MetaMask as an example.

  1. Head over to

  2. Select the browser you want to install your wallet on.

  3. Create an account by following their step-by-step guide.

  4. Remember to save and protect your seed phrase!

Watch Our Guide Here:

2. Buy BNB

Now you will need to buy BNB for paying gas fee in BNB Chain and buying LIFTs!

  1. Register your account at Binance.

  2. Head over to the buy Crypto tab within Binance.

  3. You can use the debit or credit card options for the easiest way to pay.

  4. Simply choose your native currency.

  5. Change the Crypto you would like to buy to BNB.

  6. Confirm the amount you would like to purchase.

  7. Then confirm.

3. Move your BNB to your wallet

You can find your BNB balance in your Fiat and Spot Wallet.

Now you need to move your BNB over to your hot wallet (MetaMask, Coinbase or Wallet Connect).

  1. In Binance, select withdraw.

  2. Open your hot wallet in your browser.

  3. Check that you have the Binance Smart Chain network added:

To add the BNB Chain

a. Click Networks, then Add Network

b. Network Name: Binance Smart Chain

c. New URL:

d. ChainID: 56

e. Symbol: BNB

f. Block Explorer URL:

4. Select Binance Smart Chain.

5. Then copy the wallet address.

6. Back in Binance, paste your wallet address and make sure the BSC network is selected.

7. Select how much you would like to withdraw.

8. Complete your authentication

9. Your BNB will be on its way!

4. How to Buy LIFT on PancakeSwap

Now it’s time to buy your LIFT tokens!

  1. Head over to PancakeSwap.

  2. Connect your hot wallet.

  3. Make sure you have BNB in your hot wallet.

  4. Click Trade.

  5. Then Exchange.

  6. Select BNB (or other token) as the token you want to swap.

  7. Add LIFT by manually adding the address Copy and paste: 0x513c3200f227ebb62e3b3d00b7a83779643a71cf

  8. Select how much BNB you want to swap.

You have now purchased LIFT!

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5. Now you can Stake!

But first, why Stake?

There are two significant benefits to staking LIFT tokens on UpLift:

  1. Staking gives you access to exclusive IDO rounds hosted on the launchpad. Token allocations are largely lottery-based, the more LIFT you stake the greater your chances of winning.. The lottery system also helps to make our launchpad whale resistant!

  2. UpLift gives voting rights to users based on the amount of LIFT staked. Stakers can vote on a range of proposals that concern project listings on the decentralised voting platform Snapshot.

How to Stake

  1. Visit Uplift.

  2. Select Stake.

  3. You can choose how many tokens you want to stake and for how long.

  4. The longer you stake and the bigger amount of tokens for staking, the bigger your tier booster.

  5. Confirm your signature on your hot wallet.

  6. After two hours of staking, you will receive your staking power, which you can then use to get token allocations at upcoming IDO events!

6. Pass the KYC

  1. Go to to launch the Uplift app.

  2. Connect your hot wallet.

  3. Click the KYC tab at the top and follow the steps.

  4. Sign the request.

  5. This will take you to the document page.

  6. Select the ID you would like to use.

  7. Select the location where your ID is registered.

  8. You will then be given the option to send a picture from your phone or upload one directly.

  9. If you select send from phone, you will be given a unique link to scan with your phone.

  10. Follow the instructions provided and scan your ID accordingly.

  11. Once you're finished, select verification – you’re done!

7. Participate in an IDO

Congratulations, you can now participate in an IDO!

You need to have at least $100 worth of LIFT tokens staked and passed KYC to participate.

After two hours of staking, you can use your staking power to get allocations in upcoming IDO events.

The more staking power you have, the higher your chances of getting lottery tickets (please note that there is a limit of 20 tickets per participant).

One winning ticket will get you 100 BUSD. If you win only 1 ticket - 100 BUSD will be your allocation for buying tokens in Exclusive round.

For participation in token sales:

  1. Find an IDO you would like to participate in.

  2. Submit your allocation to the Whitelist (and join the exclusive list of interested participants).

  3. Allocations are awarded depending on the number of winning lottery tickets you have!

  4. If you win the lottery allocation, you will be able to purchase IDO project tokens at an early stage price for 24 hours OR until all of the tokens have sold.

  5. Didn’t win the lottery? No problem, you are still eligible for the open round where project tokens can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis!

Your tokens can be claimed during the token generation event (skip to stage 9 to learn more).

Watch video:

(Please, notice the video shows only steps for IDO participation. New conditions for participation are described in the list above)

8. Now, we wait! Welcome to the vesting period Stage.

What’s the vesting period, and why is it important?

The vesting period, also called the token lockup period, refers to the period of time when the tokens sold in the pre-sale IDO stage cannot be resold. Vesting is important for investors as it ensures the project has time to grow. If other investors could sell immediately, this would hurt both your investment and the project.

But how long is the vesting period?

The tokens are used to incentivize teams to create prosperous and vibrant projects and communities. A few years ago, the average vesting schedule for a token was usually 0-24 months, but now it can stretch anywhere between 4-21 months. This increase in the length of the vesting period is primarily meant to foster loyalty and commitment from a project’s management team.

9. Finally, what’s a Token Generation Event? And how can you benefit?

The Token Generation Event (TGE) simply refers to the process in which crypto tokens are first released to the public to raise funds.

A TGE involves generating a token in a blockchain-based network. This is when the market is launched for the public sale of tokens and they become publicly tradable on a DEX for the first time.

So how can you make the most of your tokens when it comes to the TGE? The highest price spikes typically occur within the first 15 minutes after the TGE.

The best way to be prepared is to stay in tune with the launchpad community so you get regular updates.

  1. Wait for instructions and the TGE date announcement in Uplift social media.

  2. Once you know the TGE date, check the instructions for selling your tokens.

  3. Now the power is in your hands to sell or HODL.

Our community has seen some incredible gains when they’ve sold at a TGE.

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