How does it work?

Our Price Protection Promise is based on our KPI Protected Funding. When we launch a project we will mutually and publicly agree on a set of KPIs with the project.

If the project fails to hit the agreed KPIs, then a refund will be issued to you, the investor.

So, what would be some examples of KPIs that we could expect Uplift to arrange with a new project?

  • That another launchpad will not release the project’s IDO tokens earlier to its own community (ahead of the agreed TGE time).

  • The price should not drop lower than IDO token price during the first 24 hours after the TGE date.

  • That the project will maintain its value at 200% of the initial IDO token price for four months after IDO sales end.

  • That the token price will be 600% of the initial IDO token price within the following nine-month period.

Please note:

  • It's vital to remember that not all projects have an IDO PPP. However, the projects that are IDO protected will be labelled for investors to see.

  • The refund deadline is specific to each IDO, and will usually be a couple of days after the KPIs deadline.

  • The refund may be as much as 100% of your invested money back, or it may be less.

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