Staking LIFT opens prospects to participate in a lucrative booster program based on the amount staked, length of staking, as well as referral activities a participant engages in.

Boosters increase the staking yield as well as bring higher chances to get IDO allocation. They are awarded based on the amount of LIFT tokens staked, the lock-up period, and the referral activities the participant engages in. The following is a comprehensive list of all booster types:

Tier booster is a reward multiplier based on the amount of LIFT tokens pledged. The reward percentage increases proportionately to the amount staked.

Lockup booster is a reward multiplier based on the period of time during which a person locks up their stake. Uplift platform is about long-term investment that yields consistent dividends to those who show commitment and dedication.

Referee booster of 1% is awarded to those who use the referral link to join in. It is possible to have only one referer.

Referrer booster allows to claim referral rewards of 5% of each of the referees’ tier and lockup boosters. The maximum of 20% of rewards is allowed on the platform.

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