Community Guidelines

To make sure that we all, as a community, continue to enjoy our public image and reputation we created the Uplift Community Guidelines - set of guidelines that would help us create a universal marketing DAO.

We need all your help to help us monitor the digital space and to ensure that the reputation of Uplift is safe guarded against the damaging digital content.

We kindly, but very firmly ask you to comply with the below simple and rules, and monitor that everyone else complies with these guidelines:

  • Do not use the names of Uplift in domains.

  • Do not make any promises in relation to performance, future returns or financial gains. Only facts can be shared.

  • No unreasonable, unrealistic or false promises or information.

  • Uplift-related web pages and blogs should clearly announce that this is a marketing page/material for UpLift, not an official website.

  • No mentioning of Uplift partners and potential future deals.

  • No publication of Uplift YouTube videos and founders/employees information, speeches.

  • Website needs to look presentable and professional, please run the designs past the Uplift Management.

  • Uplift should not be tied to another non-crypto related brand.

Compliant content ideas about project:

  • Project overview that uses project’s public media resources.

  • Project’s business model and token utilities.

  • Problem that project tries to solve and solution it provides.

  • Product positioning on a market and how the current market conditions may positively affect the project.

  • Team, investors and partnerships overview.

  • IDO timelines and terms.

Educational Program

Reward Program LIFT token reward for the successful educational session would be issued if:

  • A guidelines follower has found a non compliant video or website user.

  • Guide outlining the steps that should be taken in order to follow the guidelines and has been made. Official Uplift community manager should be present in that conversation.

  • The non-compliant member has decided to follow the guidelines by making the necessary changes in their content

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