Uplift IDOs drive the community incentives to back the projects incubated on the platform. Uplift IDO will be conducted in two rounds: exclusive and open.

IDO Timeline

  • Preparation - project agreed to launch IDO on Uplift. Necessary preparations are being made by the team.

  • Whitelisting - IDO registration becomes available for the interested participants

  • Presale - IDO starts.

  • TGE - IDO ends. Purchased tokens and LIFT referral rewards can be claimed. Tokens become publicly tradable on DEX.


Projects have a limited allocation of tokens that they want to sell during IDO. Whitelisting is used to calculate the amount of people that want to participate in IDO. The more people register the harder it is to win a lottery.

In order to meet basic whitelisting requirements, a user needs to have a minimum required amount of Staking Power and pass the KYC procedure.

Exclusive round

Exclusive presale round lasts for 24 hours. Only users with winning lottery tickets can participate. Token allocation depends on the number of lottery tickets won.

Lottery Rules

Stand-off period allows to avoid token concentration among large holders. After making a purchase in the exclusive round, you can no longer participate in other IDO exclusive rounds for the duration of stand-off period.

A mandatory standoff period of 7 days ensures fairer token distribution.

Open round

Open presale round lasts until all the tokens available for purchase after an exclusive round get sold out, or else - a limited period of time. All the users who passed KYC and 100 Staking Power can qualify for participation in this round.

Maximum achievable IDO allocation is 10 000 BUSD.

Referral Program

Receive referral bonuses for promoting Uplift IDOs: each time someone you referrer participates in IDO — you receive LIFT.

🍬5% for a parent referrer

🍬5% for a grandparent referrer

TGE, Distribution and Vesting Period

Depending on the project, a vesting schedule applies to mitigate risks associated with token supply fluctuations. A portion of project tokens is released at the token generation event (TGE), then gradually over an extended period of time according to the preset schedule, following a cliff period.

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