Token Utility

LIFT is the core governance and utility token that fuels the intra-ecosystem economy on Uplift

Why Uplift is an attractive launchpad for crypto enthusiasts and investors:

  • Staking LIFT token provides yields from each project we support

  • Staking LIFT token gives you allocation to the lowest price presale round of each project

  • Staking LIFT token gives you governance voting rights in the DAO

  • LIFT offers a lucrative booster program based on amount of staking, length of staking, as well as for referring other stakers to the platform

  • LIFT has an aggressive roadmap for marketing and growing its platform and token

  • Only disruptive projects with proven teams can qualify for Uplift backing

  • As a DAO the Uplift team and community will support the long-term success of each project and token price

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