Staking serves a function of generating yield from LIFT token supply by leveraging the vast resources of the platform as well as allows access to Uplift IDO

Staking LIFT provides opportunities to:

  • Get access to the low-rate exclusive IDO rounds.

  • Gain and exercise leverage in the platform governance.

  • Signal affinity to the most disruptive projects. Participate in a lucrative booster program based on the amount staked, length of staking, as well as for referring other stakers to the platform.

There is a 0 option: a stake can be unstaked at any time without exit fee. However, the booster for such stake is 0%.

Staking Exit Fee

A 5% staking fee is applied to the user's stake (but not to the rewards) when a user exists before the due time. Time multiplier is attributed proportionally to the time spent in the pool. Difference between calculated rewards and rewards calculated due to a new time of exit are sent back to the emission.

The amount of staking fee is equally distributed between the parent and grandparent referrers (each receives 2.5 %). In such a way, the funds are channeled into the referral program.

If there is no parent or grandparent, the amount will be sent to the emission contract.


When a user having staked 100 LIFT exits before the due time, 5 LIFT constituting 5% of the amount staked goes to their parent and grandparent, respectively (each one receiving 2.5 LIFT).

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