How to Buy BUSD on Binance

In order to buy BUSD on Binance, a user should:

  1. Log into their account on Binance.

  2. Go to the Buy Crypto tab.

  3. Choose their native currency.

  4. Change the crypto to BUSD.

  5. Enter the amount of BUSD they would like to purchase and confirm their purchase.

  6. Once the payment is completed, they can find their BUSD balance in their Fiat and Spot wallet.

  7. To move their BUSD to MetaMask, they need to select withdraw.

  8. They need to open their MetaMask wallet and check if they have the Binance Smart Chain network added and selected.

  9. Then, they are to copy their wallet address.

  10. Back in Binance, they need to paste their wallet address and then make sure the BSC network is selected.

  11. They need to select how much they'd like to withdraw.

  12. As the final step, a user needs to complete their authentication.

The following video will guide you through the entire process step-by-step:

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