How to use Moonpay to buy Crypto on Uplift

How to set up your Moonpay account and start buying crypto on Uplift

Step 1 - Click on the Moonpay button.

Step 2 -A pop-up will automatically appear. (Please be aware that certain countries are prohibited; please see a full list here.)

Step 3 - Select the amount you want to spend and buy.

Step 4 - Click continue.

Step 5 - You will then need to verify your identity, and you will be asked to input your details, including your name, address and birthdate.

Step 6 - Once you have entered your details, you will now need to get a valid ID ready.

Step 7 - Get your ID ready!

Step 8 - If you are using a desktop, you will be sent a QR code to scan so Moonpay is automatically opened on your phone.

Step 9 - Here, you can easily upload your ID document by taking a photo on your phone.

Step 10 - You will then be prompted to take a selfie.

Step 11 - If using the desktop, you will be prompted to go back to complete the desktop journey.

Step 12 - Once verified, you will receive an email

Step 13 - You will then be able to start buying Crypto using traditional payment methods on Uplift.

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