How to get a refund?

  1. Visit the IDO page of the project on the Uplift app.

  2. Connect the wallet you used to participate in the sale. 

  3. If the project failed his KPI a refund button appear on the project page. Press on it.

  1. On the refund page, you may need to change the network if you need to return tokens which are not on the BNB Chain

  2. Enter the amount of tokens you want to return - only if you have already claimed it and press the button "Approve". If you have not claimed your token yet - skip this step.

  1. Press the “Refund” button. Congratulations! Your refund request was sent.

  1. Once submitted, wait a few days before returning to the same page and press the “Claim” button for your funds to be refunded. The refund will be in BUSD.

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